Indian Affairs - State of Minnesota

Dakota and Ojibwe Language Revitalization Grants

The Minnesota Indian Affairs Council Board met on July 28th 2009, in Bois Forte for their quarterly meeting. The main agenda item was the Dakota and Ojibwe language revitalization grant money and the Volunteer Working Group on Dakota and Ojibwe Language. It was decided that the MIAC Board would designate a Tribal member to be on both the volunteer working group and the grant review board. Once the Indian Affairs Council Office is notified of the designees, the meetings will be scheduled.

During the 2009 legislative session, the Indian Affairs Council was appropriated $550,000 in fiscal year 2010 and $700.000 in fiscal year 2011 to, "preserve Dakota and Ojibwe Indian languages and to foster educational programs in Dakota and Ojibwe languages." This money is coming from a tax increase voted on in 2008 which began on July 1st, 2009. The Dakota and Ojibwe language revitalization working group worked diligently for nine months to determine the funding criteria and eligibility. We would like to congratulate the following organizations who received a Dakota and Ojibwe Language Revitalization Grant for the 2010 funding cycle.

Department of Indian Studies-University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Campus
• Grant Activities: Recruit dedicate community members to take part in language instruction at the University level. Financially assist full-time committed language students in need. Train a qualified undergraduate student as an apprentice to assist instructors. Train three teacher student practicum's in immersion classrooms to assist fluent instructors.
Instructors and students will plan activities for enrichment ( to hold/attend events).

Upper Sioux Indian Community
• Grant Activities: Speaking, listening, and interacting in Dakota. Going on field trips; nature, culture, others. Preparing and eating meals. Participating in community services. Attending Dakota culture presentations. Mentoring children with Dakota play. Nurturing community garden. Playing games; moccasin, lacrosse, other. Learning and participating in Dakota singing and dancing, as appropriate.

White Earth Reservation Tribal Council
• Grant Activities: Recording of 1st speakers. Webmaster hired to maintain language website. Conduct two half day gatherings for 1st Generation speakers.

Dakota Wicohan
• Grant Activities: Apprentices will enroll and attend certifications courses at the U of M. Dakota Wichohan will support students to ensure retention and academic success. Apprentices will attend and participate in trainings by the teacher in residence, staff trainings, and language conferences. Apprentices will implement a community language venue (tables, after-school programs, etc.). Apprentices will serve as language facilitators at youth camps. Apprentices will meet weekly with master speakers. Apprentices and families will attend monthly Tiwahe gatherings.

Prairie Island Indian Community
• Grant Activities: Print 400 Early reader Dakota language readers. Print 400 comic books in Dakota. Create web page for Dakota language with a youth focus. Hire two Dakota language consultants to teach the language.

Rainy River Community College
• Grant Activities: Ojibwe jeopardy knowledge bowls. Ojibwe knowledge competitions. Label college in Ojibwe signs. Ojibwe feasts. Drum socials. Ojibwe dance group. Elders to speak to students. Annual powwow. Immersion camps and classes.

ISD 318 American Indian Services
• Grant Activities: Complement one on one teaching with technology. Create a new curriculum for two Ojibwe language classes. Introduce interactive online educational software to appeal to today's techno-savvy students, along with other online teaching aids. Base grammatical language instruction around Ojibwemowin texts. Continue Indian student quiz bowl team. With online activities, use Ojibwe literature and nonfiction books to build literary skills. Bring fluent Ojibwe speakers into the classroom and to the family language tables that will be established at existing family nights. Have language table participants create printable materials. Let students become teachers when they put together elementary school curriculum.

Concordia Language Villages
• Grant Activities: Plan and implement a five-day immersion methodology training session for 20 Dakota participants, with a follow up weekend workshop. Create a thematic based immersion curriculum, along with assessment tools, for Dakota learners that will be available in print and via an interactive web page. Implement two successful intergenerational immersion sessions for a total of 80 participants, by hiring/training leaders and staff.

Fond du Lac Tribal College
• Grant Activities: Offer Fond du Lac Family language camp. Receive training for Ojibwe language immersion teaching. Develop Ojibwe immersion curriculum. Publish 2,000 copies of Daga Anishinaabemodaa with illustrations and audio CD. Establish feeder college and pre K-12 school network. Draft guidelines and establish elder-student apprenticeships. Set up and announce website. Accept students and pre K-12 teachers for Ottertail language camp for summer 2011 and promise financial support. Evaluate all grant activities.

Anoka Hennepin ISD #11
• Grant Activities: Establish implementation and evaluation timelines. Solicit participants for program design and secure elders support. Curriculum development and materials acquisition for Ojibwe language courses. Submission and approval by the district Curriculum Advisory council and approval by the Indian Education PAC (for more info).

If you have any question, please contact JoLynn Shopteese