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The Minnesota Collaborative Plan was developed by a diverse group of stakeholders. These individual stakeholders represent an organization and make decisions on behalf of that organization related to the Collaborative Plan. The stakeholders are reflective of the priorities that the community has identified. The following stakeholders are active participants in the Collaborative:

Birth - Age 5:  

  • Kathy Anderson
  • Nicole Brown
  • Laura Godfrey
  • Debbie Golos
  • Danelle Gournaris 
  • Michele Isham 
  • Rebecca Jackson 
  • Susan Lane-Outlaw
  • Erin Loavenbruck 
  • Melinda Marsolek 
  • Gloria Nathanson
  • Chelsea Paulson 
  • Lyndsey Raffelson 
  • Deanna Rothbauer 
  • Kara Tempel
  • Terry Wilding

Kindergarten - Grade 4:

  • Brenda Ackerson
  • Joan Breslin-Larson 
  • Adan Burke 
  • Janet Caven
  • Anne Grace Donnatucci
  • Laura Libby 
  • Susan Meredith 
  • Susan Rose 
  • Valerie Shirley 
  • Melissa Sweetmilk 
  • Kathy Zerby

Grades 5-8:

  • Katie Barth
  • Sunny Brysch 
  • Bart Clement 
  • Diane Dohnalik 
  • Mandy Fredrickson 
  • Brenda Hommerding 
  • Cathy Lyle 
  • Emily Manson 
  • Ann Mayes 
  • Jody Olson
  • Mary Rutherford 
  • Jody Waldo

Transition Age:

  • Mary Cashman-Bakken 
  • Deanne Curran 
  • Pearl Devenow 
  • Jay Fehrman 
  • Shane Gunderson 
  • Katie Huttmeier 
  • Katy Kelley 
  • Elise Knopf 
  • Candace Lindow-Davies 
  • Kendra Rask
  • Kristin Ryan
  • Marci Shutt
  • Tina Sunda

The above participants serve as representatives of the following organizations and agencies: MNCDHH, Northern Voices, MN Department of Education, Teachers of the D/HH (urban, suburban, and rural), University of Minnesota D/HH Program, MN Hands & Voices, PACER, DEED-VRS, Department of Human Services- Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services, MN Association of Deaf Citizens, DeafBlind Technical Assistance Project, Metro Deaf School, Northern Voices, Audiologists, Educational Audiologists, VECTOR, School Administrators, Parents (from a variety of regions, using different modalities), MDE-Part C, MN State Academy for the Deaf, and Minnesota Department of Health.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for the Collaborative Plan selected Anna Paulson as the Coordinator of Educational Advancements and Partnerships. The Steering Committee members include:

  • Joan Breslin-Larson, Low-Incidence Supervisor at MN Department of Education
  • Nicole Brown, EHDI Coordinator at MN Department of Health
  • Adan Burke, Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens (MADC)
  • Debbie Golos, Coordinator of Special Education at University of Minnesota
  • Candace Lindow-Davies, Director at MN Hands & Voices
  • Mary Hartnett, Executive Director at Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing Minnesotans
  • Elise Knopf, State Coordinator for Deaf Services at DEED-VRS
  • Katy Kelley, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at State Services for the Blind (SSB)
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