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IMPORTANT: Information About Online Renewals

As of September 13, 2016, work experience is no longer a requirement of license renewal.  At this time, the online renewal application still requires work experience to allow an individual's license to be renewed as active.  If you need to renew your license as active and do not have sufficient work experience according to the former requirement, please print and submit the paper renewal application.

Rule Making: Important Announcement!

Major Rules Overhaul: The Major Rules Overhaul is now complete.  The new rules took effect on September 13, 2016.  Please see the newly adopted rule changes which affect all licensees.  To help licensees learn the new rules, the BCE has released three notices - one for practitioners, one for salons, and one for schools.  The new rules chapters have been published and contain all new rules.  View the full text chapters: MN Rules Chapter 2105 and MN Rules Chapter 2110.  The BCE will also be hosting a series of Town Hall Meetings to discuss these rule changes. 

Mobile Salons: We now have a working draft of possible rules for mobile salons.

Advanced Practice Esthetics: In 2018, the Board can begin issuing advanced practice esthetician licenses, advanced practice esthetician salon manager licenses, and advanced practice salon licenses.  The Board is beginning to think about what the rules for training, grandfathering, testing, licensing, and operation should be for the licenses.  The Request for Comments explains this, and tells you how to send in your ideas.

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