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Since 2009-2010, the Board of Teaching and Minnesota's teacher preparation programs have been leading the nation in the implementation of a new tool to ensure beginning teachers are ready for the demands of teaching. The edTPA, or Teacher Performance Assessment, has been developed by Stanford University and now has participation across 28 states.  Learn More >>


Special Permissions System

The Board of Teaching is pleased to announce the launch of a new online tool called SPS: Special Permission System. This system allows school personnel to complete and submit special permission requests for: 

• Personnel Variances
• NonLicensed Community Experts
• Innovative Program Waivers
• Personnel Variance Appeals
• Limited License Appeals

The Board of Teaching welcomes continued feedback and is delighted to offer local school personnel this new, more efficient and user-friendly system. Learn more …

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Interested in Becoming a Minnesota Educator?

Minnesota schools are continually seeking trained educators to provide a superior education experience for all students in Minnesota.  If you have questions about the process of applying for teacher licensure in Minnesota, view the list of frequently asked questions on our Application Process page!

For information on Pricipal or Superintendent Licensure, visit the website for the Board of School Administrators.


New Options for Meeting the Basic Skills Requirement

The Board of Teaching is responsible for overseeing the teacher candidate testing requirements set forth in Minnesota law. In 2014, the Board adopted passing scores for the ACT Plus Writing and the SAT to meet the requirement for a skills exam in Reading, Writing, and Math. Visit the Licensure Exams page for details regarding recent updates.

Learn more about which tests are required for a teaching license in Minnesota, get specific information about when and where you can take the test, and access preparation materials.

The Board of Teaching’s primary mission is to assure that Minnesota students are served by licensed teachers who are equipped to deliver effective instruction and meet the instructional needs of all learners. To that end, over the course of the last 40 years, the Board of Teaching has provided leadership in teacher education by establishing and maintaining licensure standards and requirements, approving institutions and licensure programs to prepare Minnesota teachers, and by establishing and enforcing the Code of Ethics for Minnesota teachers. The current authority and responsibilities of the Board of Teaching are delineated primarily in Minnesota Statutes §122A.05 – §122A.09, §122A.18, §214, and Minnesota Rules, Chapters 8700 and 8710.

The Board of Teaching provides leadership for improvements in teacher education programs and assures that the state has well-qualified, professional teachers. The board determines the standards and practices that will serve the state's teachers and teacher preparation institutions. The board consists of 11 members, appointed by the Governor.

View a List of Current Board Members