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Developing A Funding Strategy

Assistive technology can be used at home, school, work, and in the community. While there are many possible funding sources to help pay for assistive technology, finding funding can be a daunting task.

The Minnesota STAR program developed a 10 step process to help A T users prepare their own funding strategy.

10 Steps To Help You Prepare A Funding Strategy

Step 1:   Determine your needs
Step 2:   Identify the devices and/or services that will help
Step 3:   Document why you need the device or service
Step 4:   Identify what it will cost
Step 5:   Determine if alternative devices will meet your needs
Step 6:   Identify possible funding sources
Step 7:   Complete and submit the required paperwork
Step 8:   Receive your response
Step 9:   Search for co-funding options
Step 10: Appeal if your request is denied 

Following these steps will help you organize your search for funding sources.

You can find more information about each step listed above and potential funding sources by checking out STAR’s link icon
online funding directory.