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Problem gambling

DHS pays for inpatient and outpatient problem gambling treatment for residents who qualify for help as well as a statewide, toll-free, confidential 24-hour helpline. For more information about problem gambling, call 800-333-HOPE or visit

To participate in a motivational text messaging program, text EncourageMeMN (English) or AnimameMN (Spanish) to 53342. This program is offered for both gamblers and affected individuals to provide both information about gambling and problem gambling, encouragement to change, and tips and suggestions on how to make the changes you want to make.

Get help

There is hope for people who have a problem with gambling.

About problem gambling

For many people, gambling can be a harmless form of entertainment. But when gambling goes from being a recreation to an obsession, it becomes a problem.

Programs and services

Descriptions of different services for people with gambling problems and their families


Links to helpful brochures and websites about gambling problems

Contact us

Contact information to get help for a gambling problem

A to Z

Quick links to information on this site related to gambling problems

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