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    Tools for Adding  
    Dublin Core Metadata  

    The following resources, guides and tools will help catalogers embed qualified Dublin Core metadata into Web resources. 


    Metadata Resources 

     The Minnesota Historical Society has developed a Metadata Resources site on their Web server.  This page features an annotated list of pointers to other Internet sites that offer a variety 
    of metadata-related topics, including Dublin Core, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and GILS (Government Information Locator Service). 


    TagGen Metadata Generator 

     Information about TagGen, including an installation guide,  is available from Hiawatha Software. To obtain software for use on this project, please contact Eileen Quam

     We have obtained a site license and offer the software to all agencies. 


    Training Guide to Minnesota Web Metadata 

     This is an Adobe PDF document. 


    State of Minnesota Thesaurus (formerly LIV-MN) 

     The Minnesota Thesaurus is located at: 


    Metadata Training 

     The Foundations Project Coordinator offers free Metadata Training that features an overview of metadata, how to use TagGen, working with Dublin Core metadata and qualifiers, understanding and applying controlled vocabulary terms, and hands-on application of the Minnesota Metadata Guidelines - Dublin Core. For information and schedule, contact Eileen Quam

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    Updated January 9, 2007