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"Telling Your Story" iPad App

"Telling Your Story" is a tool that persons with disabilities, family members, and other advocates can use to compose and practice the personal story they'll present to elected public officials or other policymakers at all levels of government when seeking policy changes or increasing awareness about disability issues. The app guides users through the steps, from introducing yourself to identifying the specific issue to the best methods for presenting a compelling personal story. After entering the text of their story, an audio recording feature allows the user to rehearse their story. Users can also select and preview a photo they may wish to include.

You can view the app in the iTunes Store at

To use all the features of this app, an iPad 2 or newer is required.

Important Notice: The recent Apple update to iOS 8 has caused crashing issues in the iPhone and iPad versions of the "Telling Your Story" and "Autism Help! (5-Point Emergency Planning)" apps. If you have these apps installed and have updated your device to iOS 8, we are aware of the issues and will be issuing an update soon. Users of iOS 7 and earlier may continue to use the app with no problems. A separate notice will be issued when the iOS 8 compatible update is available at the iTunes App Store. Google Play and Kindle versions are unaffected.

We welcome comments and questions about this app. Address your feedback to

From the app's home screen, select "Tony Coelho's Story,"
"Example Stories," or begin creating your own story.

Represenative Tony Coelho relates his compelling story in
video testimony. Touch "close" to return to the home screen.

Telling Your Story Home Screen Telling Your Story 5

Sixteen examples of stories by real-life self-advocates can be
viewed from this screen.

Begin creating you own story here. Follow the prompts and type
in your text. Remember to include the question or topic in your

Once you're satisfied with your written story, use the audio
recording feature to record yourself reading aloud each piece
of your story. Re-record yourself as many times as you like to
impove your performance.

TElling Your Story 4 Telling Your Story 2

Browse your tablet's photo gallery to select a photo you may
wish to include with your story (You can share it by email from
your photo gallery).

You can also use the built-in camera to take a photo of
yourself (iPad 2 or newer).

Once you've completed filling in all the parts of your story,
the complete text will appear on the final screen. If you like,
go back and edit the text of your story and updated text will
appear here.

You can also play back your recordings here. If you skipped
a recording you'll be prompted to go back and make a

Telling Your Story 3 Telling Your Story 6

Now that your story is complete, send it by email to save it or
make further edits.

Telling Your Story 7