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Unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has changed life for everyone. It has also meant some temporary changes for the Unemployment Insurance programs, here in Minnesota and around the country.

  • Some of the weekly eligibility rules are a little different, reflecting the realities of staying safe at work and looking for work during a pandemic. 
  • Most of the rules – including the requirement that you report hours worked, earnings, and other forms of income – are still fully in effect. 
  • Please answer all the questions when you first apply and each week you request benefits completely and honestly. If your answer to a question means we need to ask you a few more questions, please answer those questions too. We can determine your eligibility much more quickly if we don’t have to come back and ask you additional questions later. 
  • Because the wait times to talk to our staff are longer right now, we are providing more content on our website, We may send you an email if you need to know something important. We will NEVER ask you to click on anything in an email or respond in any way to the email itself.
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