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Mall of America Butterlies - Photo by Ryan Taylor

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Marketing Strategy

Enter Your Dream State - Strategy and Tactics

Our 'Dream State' campaign intends to highlight that there are trips and experiences that don't just take you to new places, but transport you to different worlds. The magic of the moment is hard to put into words and your memories grow with time. There are moments when you can't believe your eyes and events that feel beyond belief. You experience it once. But you'll remember it forever.

This new campaign launched in April 2022 and features a series of television ads & video spots, radio, print and digital ads. Traditional markets include: Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and across Minnesota. Additional markets of emphasis include: Chicago, St. Louis (new), Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, Thunder Bay and Winnipeg. In addition, other markets are continuously being tested in a digital capacity for future broader consideration.

The campaign also delivers Minnesota back to a national audience. This new strategy features activities that set Minnesota apart. Hyper-focused online targeting reaches people who are passionate about these activities, and often plan their travel experiences specifically around them.  Custom content partners help tell our stories through their expert lens and extend our reach. These niche campaigns in the past have spanned hiking, biking, camping, fishing, winter recreation, arts & culture, performing arts, shopping, food/drink, roadtripping, dog lovers and museums. For the 2022 Spring/Summer season, niches will include paddling, golf, and outdoor events/festivals.

Marketing Samples
Marketing Samples

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