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Technology and the Tax Court

The Minnesota Tax Court is committed to providing modern technology for evidence presentation in our courtroom at the Minnesota Judicial Center, and to allow litigants to participate in remote hearings and trials in a user-friendly and flexible way.

For a general overview and some basic orientation and instructions, please review the links below for the relevant technology.

To schedule training in preparation for an upcoming proceeding, please contact court administration at Provide the full name of your case, the case number, and your contact information.

Minnesota Judicial Center: Courtroom Audiovisual Instructions

The MJC has public wifi (network ID: MJB). In addition, the courtroom has a single Ethernet port under each counsel table that allows for direct connection to the MJB network.

Each counsel table is equipped with a double microphone and an HDMI cable that can connect an laptop computer directly to the court’s Crestron audiovisual system. Connecting a computer to this system allows for display of electronic documents on the wall-mounted monitors. It also permits documents to be displayed via Zoom for livestreamed proceedings.

The trial marshal (generally a law clerk) will control whether a particular counsel has the ability to display documents at any given time, but when counsel has the ability to display documents, they have control over the content that is displayed on-screen.

Instructions for connecting a laptop computer to the Crestron audiovisual system [PDF]

Each counsel table at the MJC has sit/stand capability.

Remote Proceedings: Zoom

The court holds remote proceedings using the Zoom platform.

For basic information about appearing in a Zoom proceeding, please review the Best Practices for Remote Hearings [PDF] .

For more information about the court’s expectations when appearing via Zoom, please read the General Order: Remote Trial Procedures [PDF] .

CaseLines Digital Evidence Center

For parties who are about to go to trial, the court provides access to CaseLines, a cloud-based technology for uploading and share proposed trial exhibits with parties, witnesses, and the court.

If the presiding judge in your case directs you to use CaseLines, you will serve proposed exhibits and provide them to the court via CaseLines in lieu of former methods, such as USB drives, CD-ROM, email, or paper. Parties also may be invited to share mediation briefs and supporting materials with the designated mediation judge in selected cases.

Use of CaseLines is on a case-by-case basis by invitation. You will be informed about a month before trial if the court wants you to use CaseLines. If you have not used CaseLines before, please check below for upcoming Thomson Reuters training events, which are occasionally scheduled, or request training directly from Thomson Reuters.

Introduction to CaseLines

Digital Evidence Center (CaseLines) Demo

How to Structure a Case

How to Bulk Upload Documents

How to Activate a Second Reading Pane

For assistance using CaseLines, email or call 1-800-290‑9378.

CaseLines FAQs for Existing Users and for Witnesses in Upcoming Trials

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