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The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission monitoring data contains information on all felony sentences pronounced in Minnesota in a given year. The monitoring data is offender-based, meaning individual offenders sentenced in the same county in a thirty-day period are counted only once; sentences in the monitoring data are classified based on the most serious offense sentenced.

The Sentencing Guidelines Commission completes an annual Report to the Legislature, which contains Adopted Modifications to the Sentencing Guidelines, County Attorney Reports on Criminal Cases Involving Firearms, and a summary of the Commission's activities during the previous year. In addition, reports are created that detail sentencing practices for various offense categories. These reports are generally completed for offense categories for which frequent questions from criminal justice practitioners arise. Finally, the Commission annually updates and publishes a report on offenses left unranked by the Commission. 

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is needed to view these reports. If you need any of these reports in alternate format, they can be obtained by contacting the Sentencing Guidelines Commission.

In addition to these reports, MSGC will, as part of the fiscal note process, project a crime bill's impact on future prison population. For bills that meet established criteria, MSGC also prepares demographic impact statements for the legislature.

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