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Assisted Living Providers

As an assisted living provider, state law requires you to inform prospective residents that, before signing or executing a contract, they must be offered help to compare their housing options through the Senior LinkAge Line by calling 800-333-2433 and pressing option 1. It’s important that you share this information early on in the contract process, using Senior LinkAge Line materials that explain how they can help as the older adults make plans and decisions about services and housing.

Some people are exempt and do not have to be offered the option of options counseling before they sign a contract. Those who are exempt should complete the exemption form, and the provider should retain a copy of this form in the resident's file. The settings that are exempt can be found in this statute. Settings that are exempt can still refer people to the Senior LinkAge LIne for support with decision making.

If the person wants to remain in their home or needs help at home while on a waiting list, you can submit a referral by calling the Senior LinkAge Line, pressing option 1 and speaking to a specialist that can assist you.

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