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Medicare Options

Medicare Basic Steps


Enroll in Medicare
Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance
  • No premium if you or your spouse worked ten years (40 Social Security credits)
  • Medicare Part B Medical Insurance

Must pay monthly premiums

  • Higher premiums for those with higher incomes
Option 1 - Original Medicare
Option 2 - Medicare Health Plan
Medicare Part A and Part B coverage through the federal government. Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Cost Plans combine Medicare Part A, Part B and usually include Part D.
Medigap Coverage
No Medigap Coverage
Optional health insurance that helps to pay Medicare Part A and Part B out-of-pocket costs, but does not cover prescription drugs.
  • Not available if you enroll in a Medicare health plan.

  • Medicare health plans may have out-of-pocket costs.

Stand-Alone Medicare Part D Plan
Medicare Advantage or Medicare Cost Plan & Prescription Drug Plan

Plans available change annually.

  • Contact the plan to see if drug coverage is included or if you can add a Part D Plan.

Re-evaluate Your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
Re-evaluate Your Medicare Health Plan & Medicare Part D Plan
Annual Open Enrollment Period is October 15 - December 7.
  • Annual Open Enrollment Period is October 15 - December 7.
  • Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period is January 1 - March 31.

Need help? Call the Senior Linkage Line at 800-333-2433.

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