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Private Markets Investment Commitments


Recent Commitments

At the December 2, 2020, State Board of Investment meeting, the Board authorized the Executive Director, with assistance from the SBI's legal counsel, to negotiate and execute the private markets fund commitments listed below. All private markets investment commitments are subject to the amounts listed below or (in the case of commingled funds) a maximum of 20% of the fund - whichever is less. Each of these items is subject to final negotiations between the firm and the SBI.

Board Approval of these potential commitments is not intended to be, and does not constitute in any way, a binding or legal agreement or impose any legal obligations on the State Board of Investment and neither the State of Minnesota, the Investment Advisory Council, the State Board of Investment nor its Executive Director have any liability for reliance by the General Partner upon this approval. Until the Executive Director on behalf of the SBI executes a formal agreement, further due diligence and negotiations may result in the imposition of additional terms and conditions on the General Partner or reduction or termination of the commitment.

Existing Managers:      
Private Credit Oaktree Oaktree Real Estate Debt Fund III $100 Million  
Real Estate Oaktree Oaktree Real Estate Opportunities Fund VIII $100 Million  
Private Equity Blackstone Blackstone Growth $250 Million  
Private Equity Blackstone Co-Investment Partnership $125 Million  
Private Equity KKR Core Investments $100 Million  


Private Markets Investments Quarterly Commitments Report

A complete list of the Minnesota State Board of Investment's Private Markets commitments can be found in the Combined Funds section of the Comprehensive Performance Report.

Note: Information presented on this website is made public pursuant to Minn. Stat. Chs. 13 and 13D, and Minn. Stat. ยง 11A.24, subd. 6(c).
Additional information on private markets investments may be classified as non-public and not subject to disclosure.