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eService Requirements

Effective August 1, 2013, state agencies and regulated utilities must accept electronic service as official service pursuant to Minnesota Laws 2013, CHAPTER 135--H.F.No. 1221

The following language was added to Minnesota Statutes:

Regulated utilities and state agencies must provide an electronic address to the commission for electronic service purposes and agree to accept electronic service as official service.

All paper service designations for state agencies and regulated utilities with email addresses on file with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission are automatically changed to electronic service to comply with Minnesota Statutes §216.17, subdivisions 2 and 4 and Minnesota Statutes §216B.18.

As directed by Governor Mark Dayton’s Executive Order 11-13 Strengthening State Agency Environmental, Energy and Transportation Sustainability, the Commission strives to reduce reliance on paper, energy and staff resources. We encourage you to accept electronic service over paper mailings. While not all items can be electronically served, reducing the Commission’s reliance on paper mailings would make a substantial contribution to the state’s sustainability effort.

If you are currently receiving paper service, please contact us with your email address to update our master contact lists. If you are not a state agency or regulated utility, you will need to complete and return the Commission’s mailing preference form.

Thank you for helping us to achieve our goals.

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