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Find a Telephone Company

Find landline telephone companies available in your city or township. The Public Utilities Commission regulates landline telephone company rates and service quality.

Wireless Providers

Wireless providers offer special Lifeline discount plans to qualifying customers. Some plan options offer free phones. Not all wireless companies offer Lifeline discount benefits. The approved companies and their contact information are listed below.

For other questions or complaints about wireless service and rates, please contact the Office of the Attorney General.

Wireless Provider Customer Service
Access Wireless 1-866-594-3644
American Assistance 1-877-266-7212
Assist Wireless* 1-855-392-7747
Assurance Wireless* 1-888-321-5880
enTouch Wireless* 1-866-488-8719
Life Wireless* 1-888-543-3620
North American Local* 1-877-200-1367
Q Link Wireless* 1-855-754-6543
SafeLink Wireless* 1-800-723-3546
StandUp Wireless* 1-800-544-4441
Tag Mobile 1-866-959-4918
Tempo Telecom* 1-877-822-8501
TerraCom Wireless* 1-888-716-8880
T-Mobile Wireless 1-800-937-8997
TruConnect* 1-800-430-0443
*This telephone company offers a free cell phone if you are eligible for Lifeline service.
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