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Electric Service Area Maps

In the mid-1970s all electric distribution utility companies operating in Minnesota were directed by Minnesota Statutes 216B.39, subd. 3 to file maps with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission identifying their Electric Utility Service Areas (EUSA).

In 2012, the PUC began to digitize the paper maps, with the process completed in 2014. The digital EUSA map is the official map for the state of Minnesota, per the Commission’s April 9, 2014 Order in Docket 12-957.

All service area modifications filings must be eFiled for Commission approval and must include all items on the service area checklist. (see link to Filing Checklist at right)

Electric Service Area Maps Questions?

Additional Maps Information

Feature image for Broadband Maps

Broadband Maps

The maps use data collected from broadband service providers, reviewed by a third party, and verified if questions are raised. Data is collected annually and the maps and data online are current as of October 2018.

Want to check your connection's speed? Use the Speed Test tool and report the results for use in validating the project data.

Feature image for Electric Transmission Lines & Substations

Electric Transmission Lines & Substations

The electric transmission network information consists of transmission lines, with associated substations, designed to handle 60 Kilovolts or greater.

Feature image for Telephone Exchange Boundaries

Telephone Exchange Boundaries

At the time of the Bell System breakup, Bell operating companies were restricted to operations within specific areas called LATAs. 

Feature image for Wind Maps

Wind Maps

These wind maps were developed for the Department by WindLogics using atmospheric modeling.
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