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Permit Transfer

Relevant Statutes: Minn. Stat. § 216E/Minn. Rules 7850.5000 

Permitting Timeframe: 90 Days 

The PUC Role: The Commission reviews applications, helps build the record, and the Commissioners make the final decision about whether to issue a site or route permit. 

Who’s Involved: 

  • Minnesota Public Utilities Commission 
  • Department of Commerce – Energy Environmental Review and Analysis 
  • Permittee 
  • Proposed new owner 

Permitting Process:

A permittee holding a large electric power generating plant site permit or a high voltage transmission line route permit may request to transfer its permit. The permittee must provide Commission the name of the existing permittee, the name and description of the entity to which the permit is to be transferred, the reasons for the transfer, a description of the facilities affected, and the proposed effective date of the transfer. The person to whom the permit is to be transferred must provide all information the PUC needs to determine whether the new permittee can comply with the conditions of the permit. The commission may require a public meeting to give the public an opportunity to comment on the proposed permit transfer before making a decision. If the PUC determines that the new permittee can and will comply with the conditions of the permit, it can approve the transfer of the permit.

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