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Permit Revocation or Suspension

Relevant Statutes: Minn. Stat. 216E.14/Minn. Rules 7850.5100 

The PUC Role: The Commission reviews, helps build the record, and the Commissioners will make the final decision about what appropriate action to take. 

Who’s Involved

• Minnesota Public Utilities Commission 

• Department of Commerce – Energy Environmental Review and Analysis

• Office of Administrative Hearings 

Permittee Process: 

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (Commission) may initiate an action to consider the revocation or suspension of a permit on its own or at the request of any person, if the person making the request has provided a sworn statement and supporting documentation that a violation of law or the permit has occurred. When the Commission initiates such an action, it must provide the permittee with an opportunity for a contested case hearing conducted by an Administrative Law Judge from the Office of Administrative Hearings. If, after providing such process as is required, the commission finds that a violation of law or the permit has occurred, it may revoke or suspend the permit, it may require the permittee to take corrective actions or implement measures to improve the situation in order to avoid revocation or suspension, or the commission can suspend the permit and require the permittee to implement corrective measures. 

Need More Help? 


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