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Permit Amendment

Relevant Statutes: Minn. Stat. § 216E/Minn. Rules 7850.4900 

Permitting Timeframe: 90 Days 

The PUC Role: The Commission reviews applications, helps build the record, and the Commissioners make the final decision about whether to issue a site or route permit. 

Who’s Involved

• Minnesota Public Utilities Commission 

• Department of Commerce – Energy Environmental Review and Analysis 

• Applicant for a permit amendment 

Permitting Process: 

The Commission may amend the conditions in a site permit of a larger electric generating plant or route permit for a high voltage transmission line issued by the PUC upon the request of any person. The person requesting an amendment of a condition in a site permit or a route permit must submit an application to the commission in writing describing the amendment being sought and the reasons for the amendment. Upon receiving the application for a permit amendment, the Commission must provide at least a 10-day period for interested persons to submit comments on the application or to request that the matter be brought to the commission for consideration. After close of the public comment period, the commission must decide whether to approve the amendment request or to bring the matter to the commission for consideration. 

Need More Help? 


Call the Commission @ 651-296-0406

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