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Partial Exemption

Relevant Statutes and Rules: Minn. Stat. 216G/Minn. Rules 7852.0600-7852.0700 & 7852.2000-7852.3000 

Permitting Timeline: Within 90 days after acceptance of the application 

The PUC Role: The Commission reviews, helps build the record, and the Commissioners will make the final decision about issuing a pipeline route permit.   

Who’s Involved: 

  • Minnesota Public Utilities Commission 
  • Department of Commerce – Energy Environmental Review & Analysis 
  • Permit Applicant 

Permitting Process:


If the permit applicant does not expect the proposed pipeline to have significant impacts on humans or the environment, it may submit an application for a partial exemption from the pipeline route selection procedures. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (Commission) will decide whether to grant or deny the partial exemption. If the Commission accepts an application for the partial exemptions process, it triggers several procedural actions for staff and the applicant including notice publication, application distribution, establishing a comment period on the partial exemption request, and public information meetings in each county to provide opportunities for comment on the partial exemption. The Commission will then review the record and determine whether a partial exemption should be granted.

Need More Help? 


Call the Commission @ 651-296-0406


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