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Information Book

Relevant Statutes: Minn. Stat. 216G.03 to 216G.05

Permitting Timeline: 45 Days

The PUC Role: The Commission makes the final decision about what appropriate action to take.

Who’s Involved:

  • Minnesota Public Utilities
  • Commission Department of Commerce – Energy Environmental Review & Analysis Permit,
  • Permit Applicant

Permitting Process:


If a permit applicant’s proposed pipeline is a hazardous liquid pipeline with a nominal diameter of less than 6” and 275 psi or it does not require a pipeline routing permit from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (Commission). The proposed pipeline may still require Commission approval of an Information Book that is distributed to owners and tenants of property along the route of the pipeline. Minnesota Statutes outline specific content and timing requirements and conditions associated with the Information Book process.

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