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The Line 3 Replacement Project

Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership’s (Enbridge) Line 3 Replacement Project is a new 330-mile long 36-inch diameter pipeline that will replace 282 miles of its existing 34-inch existing Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota. Associated facilities include eight pumping stations, valves, metering and monitoring equipment, and related electrical facilities. 

The route of the pipeline follows the existing Line 3 pipeline within the Enbridge Mainline System corridor from the North Dakota/Minnesota border in Kittson County to the existing Clearbrook Terminal Facility in Clearwater County. From the Clearbrook Terminal, the pipeline diverges from the Enbridge Mainline System corridor and continues south to generally follow an existing pipeline right-of-way to south Hubbard County. Approximately one quarter mile north of the Hubbard/Wadena County border the pipeline route turns east to generally follow portions of existing transmission and transportation rights-of-way and rejoins the Enbridge Mainline System corridor in St. Louis County and continues to the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. The new Line 3 pipeline crosses northern Minnesota. 

The existing Line 3 pipeline was originally installed between 1962 and 1969 and is part of the Enbridge Mainline System. While it originally transported a mix of heavy and light crude, the existing Line 3 transports light crudes and its average annual capacity has been restricted to 390,000 barrels per day (bpd) due to safety-related pressure limits.

The new Line 3 pipeline would have an annual average capacity of 760,000 bpd and would transport the same products as the existing Line 3 pipeline. Operationally, the new Line 3 pipeline would continue to transport crude from Canada to the Enbridge terminal facility in Clearbrook for subsequent delivery to Minnesota refineries via interconnected pipeline facilities operated by the Minnesota Pipeline Company, and delivery of crude oil to the Superior Wisconsin terminal for subsequent delivery on the Enbridge Mainline System to refineries in the Midwest, Eastern Canada, and the Gulf Coast.

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