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Informal Review

Informal Review

What You Need to Know

Permitting Timeline: 12 Months

The PUC Role

The Commission reviews applications, determines the review method, helps build the record, holds a public meeting, and the Commissioners will make the final decision about whether to issue a certificate of need.

Relevant Statutes: Minn. Rules 7849/ Minn. Stat. §§ 216B.243, 216B.2421

Who Is Involved

  • Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

  • Department of Commerce – Division of Energy Resources

  • Department of Commerce – Energy Environmental Review and Analysis

Permitting Process:

When a certificate of need (CN) is submitted to the Commission a comment period is opened on whether the application contains the information required under the statutes and rules, and whether there is enough information to begin the CN review process. At the close of the comment period the Commission decides whether to accept or reject the application.  If the application is accepted the Commission will also determine which review procedures should be followed develop the record.

The informal review process is used to review CN applications believed to be less complex and less controversial among potential parties and the public.  Informal review consists of an initial and reply comment periods on the merits of the application and whether it demonstrates the need for the proposed large energy facility.  Any person, party, or organization can provide comments at this stage of the process. In addition to the comment period, a public hearing is held during which anyone can ask questions, express concerns, or make other comments about the application, the proposed project and the environmental review document that examines the potential human and environment impacts and possible mitigation measures for those impacts.

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