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Annual Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Reports

Minnesota utilities report information about distributed energy resources through various reports throughout the year. Some reports are utility specific, while others are submitted by each utility in the state.

Annual Distributed Generation Reports

Under Minn. Stat. 216B.1611 Minnesota utilities submit an annual report on distributed generation interconnected with the utility’s distribution system. These reports are filed annual in dockets ending in -10 (ex, 19-10, 20-10). Commission staff has complied the reports submitted by the utilities into a single dataset. Customer information has been anonymized. If a utility does not appear on the list, either they do not have distributed generation or have not submitted a report. Please refer to the “metadata” for complete details on the data source, category meanings, and status of individual utility reports for 2019. You can also download “Distributed Generation in Minnesota” for graphics and maps created from the dataset.

MN Utility Reported DER through 12/31/2020 (released 7/15/2021)

MN PUC DER Dataset Metadata (updated 6/8/2021)

MN PUC DER in Minnesota graphics (updated 6/8/2021)

For questions on this data set please contact Commission Staff:

Hanna Terwilliger

For a list of other annual electric and gas reports in Minnesota, please visit the Department of Commerce’s Annual Reporting Webpage.

Disclaimer: This webpage is intended as an informational-only, general overview of some key Minnesota statutes, rules and Commission Orders related to customer-sited distributed generation. The information on this page does not represent a Commission interpretation of said statutes, rules and orders.
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