Project SEARCH State Leadership Team

To achieve the implementation and scale-up of Project SEARCH Programs across Minnesota, a Project SEARCH State Leadership Team (SLT) has been established to plan Project SEARCH expansion efforts across the state. On January 18, 2013 the Minnesota Project SEARCH Memorandum of Understanding was signed.

By teaching job seeking and workplace basic skills, Project SEARCH is providing Minnesota with access to a new, diverse, talent pool whose skills match current labor needs. On average, 65% of Project SEARCH graduates in Minnesota are competitively employed within six months of graduation. To learn more about the Project SEARCH model, visit


"The interns displayed such great attitudes and brought an abundant amount of enthusiasm to the job every day. I found their perspectives and behaviors refreshing and inspirational. I believe that my team and I have all developed a heightened sensitivity and understanding of diversity, inclusion, and patience." (Manager)

"Project SEARCH is more fun than school! Project SEARCH is like family – it makes you feel like you are treated fairly." (Student)

"We are thinkers and creators. We are motivated and persistent. We are hopeful. We will be employed." (Interns)

Resources for Employers | Disability & Employment

Job Accommodation Network (JAN):


Positively Minnesota:

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