Minnesota Project SEARCH Sites

Minnesota Accomplishments

At the July, 2018 SEARCH International Conference, four of Minnesota's Project SEARCH sites received employment outcome awards.

Site Award
Mayo 100%
Children's Minnesota 80-89%
State of Minnesota 80-89%
Medtronic 80-89%

This is quite an accomplishment for our Minnesota sites and a great example of the truly collaborative work that is happening between all of our agencies at both the state and local level, and local businesses. Minnesota businesses who have been host sites for Project SEARCH have access to a new, diverse, talent pool.

Medtronic Project SEARCH Internship Opportunities

Medtronic is a global healthcare solutions company committed to improving the lives of people through our medical technologies, services, and solutions.

Internship Opportunities

Manufacturing: ATS Plymouth Heart Valve Internships – Work tasks include inspection, grinding, blasting, sanding, cleanroom, parts/carbon pulling, and inventory

Brooklyn Park Perfusion Systems – Clean room assembly, materials handler, warehouse handler, repack center, packaging, quality control, electronics

Manufacturing: Medtronic Energy Component Center (MECC) – Dry room battery inspecting and laser marking, packaging, materials handler and replenishment

Nathan Lane Facility – Clean room assembly, inspecting, packaging, marking, office work

Rice Creek – Pharma lab, calibration

Office Administration

  • Talent Acquisition/Recruitment
  • Benefits, Employee Records
  • Metrology/Calibration
  • Data Records and Management
  • Supply Quality, Receiving and Inspection
  • Learning tasks include indexing invoices and receipts, data entry, data integrity, scanning/imaging and storing electronic documents, learning various software programs, labeling, filing, and Microsoft office programs primarily including Excel, document management, web searching and more.

ITS Technical User Support

  • Complete client requests, network accounts, support reimaging and configurations

Children's Minnesota Project SEARCH Internship Opportunities

Children's Minnesota is one of the largest freestanding pediatric health systems in the United Statesówith two hospitals, 12 primary care clinics and six rehabilitation and nine specialty care sites. It is the only health system and Level I Trauma Center in Minnesota to provide care exclusively to children from before birth through young adulthood. Children's Minnesota is an award-winning health system, regularly ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a top children's hospital.

video icon Watch Project Search at Children's on Vimeo.

Children's Minnesota has collaborated with Minneapolis Public Schools Transition Plus program for 8 years. A licensed special education teacher/work coordinator and skills trainers lead the Project SEARCH team. Student interns have opportunities to work in various departments. Children's Minnesota is the recipient of national awards for graduates achieving 80-89% paid competitive employment.

Employment Outcome Awards for Project SEARCH Graduates

2012 - 80% 2015 - 80% 2016 - 80% 2017 - 80%

Departments and Internships

Nutrition Services

  • Food Preparation
  • Dish Room/tray retrieval

Supply Chain

  • Mail Room/Copy Center
  • Warehouse II - put aways
  • Rounding MESA equipment

Child Life

  • Sibling Play Area

Environmental Services

  • Housekeeping

Infant Care Center

  • Bedside Cart sanitizing/stocking

Respiratory Therapy

  • Assembly/Packaging

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • Bedside Cart sanitizing/stocking
  • Central Processing and Distribution
  • Data Entry/cancelled case restocking


  • Infection Prevention – stocking PPE
  • Medical/Surgical Unit – 6th Floor
  • Infection Prevention – stocking PPE
  • Medical/Surgical Unit – 7th Floor
  • Infection Prevention – stocking PPE
  • Medical/Surgical Unit – 8th Floor
  • Infection Prevention – stocking PPE
  • Environmental Services – 7th Floor

Environmental Services Audit Bundle

  • Hand wash counts

Children's Minnesota and Project SEARCH is an amazing partnership!

Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center Project SEARCH Internship Opportunities


Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center is part of the Avera system of care. Avera encompasses 300 locations in 97 communities in a five-state region. The Avera brand represents system strength and local presence, compassionate care and a Christian mission, clinical excellence, technological sophistication, an array of specialty care and industry leadership.


  • Assist cook's helper with salad/food prep/food storage
  • Assist baker's helper with misc. baking/packaging
  • Assist in dish room: wash, sanitize, put away dishes
  • Food Service, including Grill work
  • Wipe cafeteria tables/chairs

Clerical: Includes several departments, a combination of departments including Organizational Excellence, POB Mail, LTC Mail, Home Medical, Big Stone Therapy, Medical Records

  • Alphabetize and file employee/patient documents
  • Make copies
  • Put together hospital training packets
  • Mail pick-up, sort, deliver to POB and LTC
  • Prepare and organize documents for scanning
  • Scan/verify medical documents according to procedure
  • Misc. duties as needed: cleaning PT equipment in therapy rooms

Health Services: includes several department areas and combination of departments determined with intern by their career interests.

Same Day Surgery

  • Clean and restock day surgery rooms
  • Pull patient registrations/orders
  • Prep snack tray

Hospital: Med/Surg. and OB

  • Stock Walleroos
  • Wipe down soiled instruments
  • Break down OB medical charts
  • Clean and Restock Bassinets
  • Restock OB rooms
  • Clean and restock room monitors

Program Services LTC

  • Assist program director with daily resident sensory/physical activities
  • Restock supplies in resident's rooms
  • Organizing materials for Program Activities
  • One-on-one with residents
  • Transport residents to and from activities

Primary Care

  • Restock Drs. rooms in Family Practice

Environmental Services: Housekeeping

  • Stock and maintain cleaning cart
  • Clean High Touch in patient's room
  • Clean High Touch in patient's bathroom
  • Sweep Floor
  • Mop Floor
  • Restock patient rooms
  • Garbage detail
  • Clean public areas as needed

Environmental Services: Laundry

  • Fold laundry: towels, wash cloths, pillow cases, linen bags, large linen
  • Load and pull washing machines and dryers
  • Pick up soiled linen within hospital departments
  • Deliver clean laundry to appropriate hospital areas
  • *Sort soiled linen
  • *Weigh and record soiled laundry

*(determined by skills of intern)


  • Check grounds for garbage and debris (spring/fall)
  • Keep sidewalks clean of snow (winter only)
  • Using appropriate machines and cleaning chemicals, perform maintenance tasks including stripping/waxing floors
  • Vacuum/shampoo carpets
  • Garbage Run
  • Restock supplies in soiled utility rooms

Material Distribution

  • Collect blue supply bins from supply rooms within hospital/clinic
  • Create Pick list
  • Print Pick list
  • Find product on shelves from pick list and stock blue bins
  • Deliver stocked bins to supply rooms within hospital/clinic
  • Assist with freight on freight days

Thrift Store

  • Sort clothing/appliances/books, etc. upon delivery
  • Wash dishes upon delivery
  • Package and Price toys items
  • Sort towels/rags and price
  • Prepare clothing for pricing and display
  • Dust shelves and sweep and store floor
  • Check restroom and restock
  • Maintain store floor/department areas
  • Learn/operate cash register/bagging procedures.

Fairview Lakes Project SEARCH Internship Opportunities

Fairview Lakes Medical Center provides award-winning care to the communities northeast of the Twin Cities.  They are a Level IV trauma center, providing life-saving treatment to the seriously ill and injured 24 hours a day. Specialty services are available on-site in heart care, cancer care, childbirth, orthopedics, pediatrics and more.

Millcarts – The intern works in the MedSurge & ICU Department, restocking medical supplies into the patient carts. This job has a lot of repetition but has a need for good communication skills, as patient/nurse interactions happen all day.

Facilities Assistant – This position is in charge of delivering oxygen/CO2/ tanks to eight different locations daily and replacing empty tanks. They work with the facilities department to help with fixing hospital equipment, outdoor maintenance, indoor maintenance, organization, side by side assistance, etc.

Store Keeper/Supply Chain – This position is in charge of restocking medical supplies in up to 4 departments and checking expiration dates monthly, this position requires consistency in product identification and shelving.

Nutrition Services – Students learn how to run the dishwasher and put them away on the drying rack, do breakfast trays, make sandwiches, assist the baker, assist the head cook, work in the cafeteria stocking the supplies, run the pizza over, stock the salad bar, etc.

Environmental Services – This internship has several levels of opportunities. Interns start with learning basic cleaning and disinfecting skills and move into more independent level. An intern could express an interest in cleaning patient rooms and team up with a Fairview employee.

Security – In charge of creating employee badges, walking the parking lot patrol contractor access lost and found recovery, hourly rounds and answering security office phones (when needed). Interns will learn how to determine the urgency of the supervisor being called as well as problem solving.

Clerical – This position sorting and delivering mail and packages to most of the clinics. This position includes light cleaning, placing conference room schedules for the day, and delivering copy paper to different departments. Patient room restocking is another task that is looking at being added.

Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare

Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare is the nation's first hospital serving children who have disabilities. Gillette concentrates on delivering effective treatments to a defined patient populationóchildren who have complex disabilities, rare conditions and traumatic injuries.

Our care is organized around patients' most common conditions, including cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, craniofacial issues, orthopedic problems, brain and spinal cord injury, and neuromuscular challenges.

Our specialized focus means we've learned more about these complex conditions than many other hospitals. We're committed to using our knowledge to advance treatments and research that improves our patients' lives.

At Gillette, we firmly believe that a child's ability is far stronger than any disability. We believe that children can achieve their goalsóand their dreamsówhen we provide the transformative care that helps them thrive. We believe that the concept of "CAN" is far stronger than "can't."

Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare departments are currently providing Project SEARCH internship opportunities in:

  • Supply Chain
  • Environment of Care
  • Human Resources
  • Outpatient Clinic
  • Respiratory Therapies
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Rehabilitation Therapies
  • Patient Access/Guest Services
  • Assistive Technologies Department
  • Reprocessing/Surgery/Sim Lab
  • Other Gillette Site-Supply Chain/Mailing
  • Clinic at Gillette Lifetime
  • Neuroscience Unit
  • Ortho Surgery Unit
  • Adult Unit
  • Rehabiltiation Unit

All students have the support of the Project SEARCH Instructor and Skills Trainer to learn new skills and increase independence.

Human Resources

  • Cares awards- track incoming submission, enter awards into HRIS system and mail trinkets
  • Scanning projects for summer interns and uploaded documents into HRIS system
  • Participate in interviews for summer interns students
  • Print and assembled new hire packets
  • Print and assembled drug and alcohol packets
  • Benefits project to print and mail confidential 1095 forms
  • Mailing and tracking benefit WOW Gillette logo merchandise

Supply Chain

  • Put away product on warehouse shelves on shipment days
  • Clean product bins
  • Data entry on Excel Spreadsheet
  • Use picking ticket to locate product and place that product on a cart
  • May help deliver supplies to the different units

Environment of Care

  • Maintained public restrooms, public waiting areas (ie, cafe, skyway, waiting rooms, garbage/recycling, etc)
  • Cleaning patient rooms in the Rehab in patient unit (including changing bed linens, cleaning patient bathrooms, and all other surfaces in the rooms, sweeping, mopping, changing garbage/recycling)
  • Patient/Family Interaction

Rehabilitation Therapies

  • Maintain hospitality station and waiting area
  • Prep and organize therapy rooms for upcoming patients (ensure each room has correct equipment and quantity of equipment)
  • Check rooms for toys that need to be cleaned
  • Sanitize toys
  • Put away toys in correct location
  • Clean mats
  • Patient/Family Interaction

Patient Access/Guest Services

  • Faxing
  • Computer Data Entry
  • Printing
  • Organizing paperwork
  • Locating insurance information in computer program
  • Running Patient Access Reports
  • Hospitality Station
  • Care of waiting areas, wagons, cars

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit/Respiratory Therapies

  • Communicates appropriately with staff, patients and families
  • Welcomes and directs patients and families
  • Prepares patient rooms for admits (turning beds, etc.)
  • Stocks patient rooms (linens, etc.)
  • Discharge/strip rooms (look for a checklist)
  • Prepares education folders for admission
  • Cleans and restocks bedside carts
  • Removes dining trays from patient rooms
  • Organizes and cleans nursing stations
  • Stocks and organizes coffee areas and kitchens
  • Cleans and organizes medication magnets
  • Cleans staff picture magnets
  • Organizes family rooms and playrooms
  • Cleans toys
  • Organizes clean utility room
  • Joint Commission Readiness checklist (as needed)


  • Replace exam bed paper
  • Wipe bed with sanitizing wipes
  • Pull next clean bed paper forward
  • Close x-ray's down
  • Stock linen in the rooms
  • Escorting patients to rooms

Adult Unit and Rehab Unit

  • Communicates appropriately with staff, patients and families
  • Welcomes and directs patients and families
  • Prepares patient rooms for admits (turning beds, etc.)
  • Stocks patient rooms (linens, etc.)
  • Discharge/strip rooms (look for a checklist)
  • Prepares education folders for admission
  • Cleans and restocks bedside carts
  • Removes dining trays from patient rooms
  • Organizes and cleans nursing stations
  • Stocks and organizes coffee areas and kitchens
  • Cleans and organizes medication magnets
  • Cleans staff picture magnets
  • Organizes family rooms and playrooms
  • Cleans toys
  • Organizes clean utility room
  • Joint Commission Readiness checklist (as needed)

Ortho Surg & Neuroscience Unit

  1. Communicates appropriately with staff, patients and families
  2. Welcomes and directs patients and families
  3. Prepares patient rooms for admits (turning beds, etc.)
  4. Stocks patient rooms (linens, etc.)
  5. Discharge/strip rooms (look for a checklist)
  6. Prepares education folders for admission
  7. Cleans and restocks bedside carts
  8. Removes dining trays from patient rooms
  9. Organizes and cleans nursing stations
  10. Stocks and organizes coffee areas and kitchens
  11. Cleans and organizes medication magnets
  12. Cleans staff picture magnets
  13. Organizes family rooms and playrooms
  14. Cleans toys
  15. Organizes clean utility room
  16. Joint Commission Readiness checklist (as needed)

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC)

Hennepin Healthcare is:

  • Minnesota's premier Level 1 Adult Trauma Center and Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center with many nationally recognized pro-grams and specialties
  • A recognized system of primary care clinics and retail clinics located throughout Hennepin County
  • An essential teaching hospital for doctors who go on to practice throughout the state
  • A safety net hospital providing care for low-income, the uninsured and vulnerable populations, and
  • A major employer and economic engine in Hennepin County.

Hennepin Healthcare Project SEARCH site provides an innovative workforce and career development model with a goal for interns to increase their independence, confidence, job skills and become competitively employed. Interns are assigned three separate ten week rotations during the school year. These rotations are in departments throughout the hospital allowing for development of a variety of social, emotional and job skills through real work experiences.

  • Nutrition Services
  • Supply Chain
  • Environmental Services
  • Cancer Center
  • Central Processing and Distribution
  • Human Resources
  • Medical/Surgical Units
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Mail Center

Mayo Clinic Project SEARCH

Mayo Clinic provides the highest quality patient care by placing the needs of the patients first. At Mayo Clinic, you'll discover a culture of teamwork, professionalism and mutual respect. Mayo Clinic is committed to creating a caring service environment while ensuring that individual differences are valued at every level of the organization. Our mission is to be recognized by patients, employees, peer institutions and the community as the leading model for diversity and inclusion.

Mayo Clinic in Rochester is celebrating its first anniversary with Project SEARCH. From the perspectives and experiences of many people, particularly the young adults who had the opportunity to work there as interns, this has been a very successful year.

"I learned new skills and how to work as a team;"

"Motivated and succeeding and, for the first time, seeing something worth working hard at."

As a result, the program will be expanded this next year.

Media Support Services

There are over 50,000 forms within the Mayo Clinic Health System, each requiring a MCHS number. Interns can be found at the computer working with spreadsheets and excel forms, assigning hundreds of the forms numbers, and saving them as a pdf. They complete projects for multiple departments within the Mayo Clinic System. Interns also work in the Print Shop assembling DVD's for patient education and training.

Food Services Internship

Interns assist patients with their trays, stock and straighten coolers, wipe tray slides and sneeze guards, and keep the dining area in the cafeteria "cleaner than it's ever been"!

Comparative Medicine Internship

Due to the highly regulated and controlled environment, interns receive additional training and learn the protocols for preparing materials for use in animal research. They roll gowns, stock supplies, and operate the autoclave. Interns look forward to the days they spend time caring for the animals by providing enrichment activities.

Environmental Services Internship

This is the most visible of the internships. Hundreds of people pass every day while the interns are cleaning sections of the two main buildings on the Downtown Campus. Five of the six entries into the buildings are cleaned. Glass has become our "friend" as we address the never-ending challenge of wiping the fingerprints from the balcony after the many musical performances in the courtyard. Interns continue to discover additional areas to add to their routine as they receive the "thanks" of visiting patients and families.

Health Sciences/Biobank Internship

Biobank has reached its goal! 50,000 participants have consented to provide a blood sample and complete the questionnaire contributing to DNA and other research. Interns continue to send out hundreds of enrollment packets to increase the number. They place a label on each insert in an enrollment packet which is addressed to a specific patient. Accuracy is critical and our interns maintain their focus to meet the high standards!

The Project SEARCH interns understand the significance of their daily contributions as part of the Mayo Clinic family where every act reflects,"…the needs of the patient comes first".

State of Minnesota Project SEARCH Internship Rotations

Non-Office Internships

Janitorial – Maintain restrooms and common areas.  Tasks include replacing paper products, wiping counters, emptying trash, mopping and vacuuming.

Groundskeeping – Maintain exterior grounds.  Tasks include mowing, weed whipping, edging, raking, planting, weeding, snow removal, trash and recycling collection, deliveries, maintaining machinery and more. 

Central Mail – Process outgoing mail.  Tasks include assist on the postage machine by bundling mail, affix postage and labels on special mailings, process mail using postage machine, mail individual boxes/packages by entering in shipping information and affixing label and other projects as able.

Food Service – Cafeteria assistant/Food prep. Tasks include restocking beverage coolers, prepping food, grill, maintain cafeteria tables, refill utensils and condiments, empty trash and recycling and other tasks as able.

Office Specialist Internships

Governor's Office – Tasks include checking and ordering supplies, maintaining copier paper levels, scanning and renaming documents, copying and documenting policy mail, e-mailing, shredding, labeling, special projects and more. 

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon – Tasks include preparing interview and service packets, making phone calls, gathering materials for representatives, research military actions of the day in certain countries, attend off-site presentations and other tasks as assigned. 

Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) – Reception, data entry, sorting mail, and scanning.

Department of Human Services (DHS) – Application processor. Tasks include sorting, scanning, data entry, filing and purging I-9 and other employment documents using SEMA4 and other programs. Assist with preparing, folding, sending, and data entry of survey results.

Historical Society – Read scanned images, combine PDF's and name groupings, re-folder prison records, identify and tag donated 3D objects for storage and/or display, and making book bindings from excess materials.

Military Affairs – Personnel file archiver. Tasks include redacting social security numbers within personnel file, scanning and processing of retired military files.

Secretary of States Office – Digital documenting. Tasks include sorting documents by type (30+ different document types), scanning and entering data into the database for public review. Pulling files older than one year, preparing archives and special projects as assigned. 

Veterans Services – Application entry. Tasks include marking the Applicants County, scanning, entering information into two databases, creating packets, processing letters, filing, sending out processed document, entering in payment information and other special projects.

MN IT Services – Inventory, reimage computers, sort pictures and label electronically, set up computer stations, help desk and more.