Resources for Individuals and Families to Learn About the World of Work

Work Incentives Connection: The Work Incentives Connection, in partnership with Goodwill/Easter Seals, can answer questions about the impact of work on benefits so that people with disabilities can see their choices and take advantage of life's opportunities.

Work Without Limits – Work Without Limits partners with state and community organizations in Massachusetts to build sustainable and effective employment programs and supports for people with disabilities.

Start-Up USA Self-Employment Q and A – Transition age youth are more and more seeking self employment options. Here are commonly asked questions from parents with sons or daughters who are considering business ownership. and answers

Job Accommodation Network Employees' Practical Guide to Requesting and Negotiation Reasonable Accommodations Under the ADA: The JAN provides free, expert, and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues

Real People, Real Jobs website: This website highlights employment successes of individuals with developmental disabilities who are working in a broad range of paid positions in the community.

Partners in Education, a web based, self directed online course, teaches how to advocate for your child to ensure the best possible educational experience and preparation for employment; available in English and Spanish at and

Partners in Employment, another web based, self directed online course, teaches the concepts of supported and competitive employment, customized employment, the hiring process, preparing for an interview, and how to translate personal strengths, skills, and interests into a career; available in English and in an EZ Read icon based version at and

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), parents, and service providers can take specific actions to facilitate the education, training, and employment processes. A broad range of information and resources are available at

It's My Choice is a series of guides and checklists that uses a person centered planning approach to help prepare for individual planning meetings where decisions are made about supports and services to achieve life goals. The publication is available at