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Links for Legal Professionals

Find links to Court Rules, Minnesota Law Library, board of Continuing Legal Education and Law Examiners.

Board of Public Defense
The Minnesota Board of Public Defense is responsible for the work of Public Defenders in Minnesota, and provides funding for Public Defenders and partial funding for Public Defense Corporations.

Court Rules
Appellate, Civil, Criminal, Juvenile and General Rules of Practice for Minnesota Courts.

Minnesota Board of Continuing Legal Education
The MBCLE was created by the Minnesota Supreme Court, and is responsible for administering the mandatory CLE program. The Board approves applications for course accreditation, and ensures that Minnesota attorneys comply with the CLE requirement.

Minnesota Board of Law Examiners
The Minnesota Board of Law Examiners licenses attorneys to the practice of law in Minnesota.

Minnesota Board of Legal Certification
The Minnesota Board of Legal Certification regulates the certification of lawyers as specialists by certifying agencies, so that public access to appropriate legal services may be enhanced.

Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board
The board is responsible for oversight and administration of the Minnesota lawyer discipline system. The board is also divided into six three-member panels which preside over hearings concerning allegations of unprofessional conduct against lawyers.

Minnesota State Law Library
Links to Minnesota legal references, other state law libraries, Minnesota county and city ordinances and lots more.

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