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Minnesota Laws

Links to Minnesota law resources and Attorney General Opinions, Minnesota Statutes and Rules, State Law Library, State Register, Municipal Ordinances and State Constitution.

A search engine and directory specifically for Minnesota legal resources.

Minnesota Attorney General Opinions
Includes opinions from 1993 to present with a summary of the opinion, the date it was released and the party requesting the opinion.

Minnesota Constitution
Minnesota Constitution

Minnesota Rules
The full text of the Minnesota Rules, provided by the Revisor of Statutes. The Drafting Manual with Styles and Forms and Rulemaking in Minnesota: A Guide are also available.

Minnesota State Law Library
Library information and catalog, along with links to Minnesota legal resources.

Minnesota State Register
The State Register publishes proposed and adopted rules, official notices, and contracts.

Minnesota Statutes
The full text of the Minnesota Statutes, provided by the Revisor of Statutes.

Municipal Ordinances for Minnesota Counties and Cities
The Minnesota State Law Library provides links to Minnesota county and city ordinances online.

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