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Field Directors

Refer to our COVID-19 Updates page and the "Teacher Preparation Providers" toggle to learn more about clinical experience discretionary variances related to COVID-19. 

During this time, note that providers are taking advantage of a variety of ways to meet the field experience hours requirements: 

  • Some providers require more than 12 weeks of student teaching.  For hours beyond the 12 weeks, providers may count the extra hours toward the 100 hour requirement during this time.
  • Providers may submit discretionary variances aligned to the criteria approved on August 28th including that (1) the candidate work with a group of students, (2) a licensed individual with experience and a license aligned to the scope of the field experience oversee the experience and have regular interaction with the candidate, (3) this type of placement be limited to 50 of the required 100 hours for initial licensure, and (4) the variance only be for the 2020-2021 school year
  • Providers may also submit other discretionary variances with justification of how they are meeting the intent of rule.
Additionally, since the Board adopted a resolution to not enforce the requirement that programs be administered as approved by the Board, teacher standards that are typically assessed through field experiences may be assessed in an alternative way (ex. microteaching of peers, case studies) WITHOUT A VARIANCE - as long as these experiences are not counted towards the 100 field experience hours. 
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