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IOwA Designation for Teacher Preparation Providers

PELSB is transitioning to a new login process to access secure educator website systems (e.g., EPPAS, Online Educator Licensing Systems). As part of this process, all teacher preparation providers will need to designate an Identified Official with Authority (IOwA), who can authorize user access to the secure systems.

Step-by-step instructions for the IOwA setup process are available online.

Kindergarten Endorsement Licensure Option

Notification of PELSB Kindergarten Program Resolution (May 2018)

External RIPA/Revised Content Reviewers Needed

We are anticipating high needs for reviewers in the following areas: reading (consider your Reading Methods instructor), early childhood, special education, and standards of effective practice.
We would also like to have additional reviewers for: social studies, sciences, music, ESL, and visual arts/dance/theater.
Encourage qualified professionals to complete the Content Reviewer Application and send it to Michelle Sandler .

Entering Performance Metrics Data

Use the Performance Metrics Guide for both definitions and for the answers to all of your frequently asked questions.

Approved Reading Course Policy

Reading Course Policy - (June 28, 2018)

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