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Unit Approval

Institutional and Organizational Approval

The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board grants licensure to applicants who have completed approved teacher preparation programs. Before Minnesota teacher preparation programs can be approved, the organizations and institutions themselves must be approved as providers. While institutional approval is sought by accredited institutions of higher education, similarly, organizational approval must be sought by non-profit organizations, or institutions of higher education that are not regionally accredited.

All providers must show evidence of meeting MN Administrative Rule 8705.1000.

Alternative Preparation Providers

To become a provider, the organization must evidence meeting all Unit Rule 8705.1000. The alternative unit may note N/A where MN statute 122A.2451 overrides aspects of some standards (ex. advanced degree requirements for faculty).  Compliance to standards must be shown through narrative, documents providing tangible evidence, and on-site interviews.  Please direct inquiries to Michelle Sandler, Teacher Education Specialist, at for guidance. 

Transfer Pathways

PESLB is working closely with Minnesota State institutions as they prepare to offer licensure programs through the Transfer Pathways process. Most questions related to this process should be directed the Minnesota State system’s office. Questions related to program approval can be directed to .

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