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Teacher Recruitment and Marketing Campaign

The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board awarded funds for the continuation and expansion of the Elevate Teaching campaign. The Elevate Teaching campaign will continue to mobilize individuals, especially from BIPOC communities, to be champions of the teaching profession. Further, this campaign seeks to transform the public narrative about the profession and to elevate teaching to the reverence it deserves for our children and in our society, starting in Minnesota.

How to get involved:

Champions for the teaching profession are invited to continue to support the movement, including current teachers, teacher preparation providers, school districts, local businesses, and parents, caregivers, and students alike. Opportunities to participate include nominating and sharing impactful teacher stories, spreading the message about the opportunities of the teaching profession, and showing appreciation for teachers by honoring them at the highest level.

There will be many opportunities to participate in the campaign as a champion to the teaching profession. Visit for more information or contact Marketing Manager, Ashelyn Przedwiecki at

If you are interested in joining this work, wish to learn more, or provide other comments, please fill out the form below.

Teacher Recruitment and Marketing Campaign Signup

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