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Apply for a License

Paper Applications

Within the applications, please note guides to identify which tier matches your qualifications and experiences.  Please follow instructions carefully to ensure that your application is complete, which is required for processing. 

Online Licensing System for NEW Licenses for:

  • Substitutes
  • Administrator licenses 

*Create a Google Account if you do not already have one.  Note: Do not sign into the Online Licensing System if you currently hold a Minnesota educator license and/or a current or expired short-call substitute or limited license and want to add a licensure field. Instead, complete an appropriate Tier 1 - Tier 4 application.

Log-in problems: To clear a CEL error message, you will need to delete your browser history, cache, and cookies. After this action is completed, please log back into your online licensing account. Please Note: You will need to log in with the email address originally associated with your online licensing account. The system will not recognize an email account unless it was the email address you originally used.

Licensure Requirements 

Guides to Understanding Tiered Licensure

Apply for Licensure via Portfolio

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