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Common Acronyms

Below are some of the common acronyms you might find in the Minnesota Olmstead Plan, on this website, or on other state agency websites. An acronym is a shorter way to name something. It is usually made up of the first letter of each word. 

If you have questions about what something on this website means, or if you need help learning more about the Minnesota Olmstead Plan or Minnesota’s state services for people with disabilities, please email

State Agencies and Offices

ADM – Department of Administration 

DEED – Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development 

DHS – Minnesota Department of Human Services  

DOC – Minnesota Department of Corrections 

MDE – Minnesota Department of Education 

MDH – Minnesota Department of Health 

MDHR – Minnesota Department of Human Rights 

MHFA – Minnesota Housing Finance Agency 

MMB – Minnesota Management and Budget 

MnDOT – Minnesota Department of Transportation 

MNIT – Minnesota Information Technology Services 

OIO – Olmstead Implementation Office 

State programs, councils, commissions and Ombud's offices 

BHPC – Behavioral Health Planning Council 

GCDD – Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities 

HCALP – Home Care and Assisted Living Program  

MCD – Minnesota Council on Disability 

MCOTA – Minnesota Council on Transportation Access 

MNCDHH – Minnesota Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing 

MNSILC – Minnesota Statewide Independent Living Council  

OMHDD – Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities 

STAR – System of Technology to Achieve Results 

Federal agencies 

ACL - Administration for Community Living

DOJ – United States Department of Justice  


ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act 

IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act


BVI – Blind or visually impaired 

DCD – Developmental Cognitive Disabilities 

DD – Developmental Disabilities 

DHH – Deaf or hard of hearing 

State and federal care, treatment, benefits and services funding programs

CADI – Community Access for Disability Inclusion 

MA – Medical Assistance 

MA-EPD – Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities 

MHCP – Minnesota Health Care Programs 

MSA – Minnesota Supplemental Aid 


IEP – Individualized Education Program 

PBIS – Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports 

Employment, workforce development, and state rehabilitation services 

EE – Extended Employment 

IPS – Individual Placement and Supports 

SSB – State Services for the Blind 

VR – Vocational Rehabilitation 

VRS – Vocational Rehabilitation Services 

WIOA – Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act 

State facilities and hospitals 

AMRTC – Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center 

ICF/DD – Intermediate Care Facility/Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities 

MCF – Minnesota Correctional Facility 

MSH – Minnesota Security Hospital 

MSHS – Minnesota Specialty Health System 

Treatment models and services 

ACT – Assertive Community Treatment 

FACT – Forensic Assertive Community Treatment 

HCBS – Home and Community-Based Services 


APS – Accessible Pedestrian Signals 

MnSHIP – Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan 


AT – Assistive Technology 

BIRF – Behavior Intervention Reporting Form 

MAARC – Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center 

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