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How Do Plan Goals Get Revised?

Every year, the Olmstead Plan is updated with new goals. Staff from 13 Subcabinet Agencies work together to propose new Plan goals based on the past year's results. The update is called a Plan Amendment. 

As part of this process, we want to know what you think about the proposed updates. Providing your feedback is called Public Comment. Your comments will influence the final 2022 Minnesota Olmstead Plan. 

Lifecycle of an Olmstead Plan Goal

The following two presentations help explain how the public helps create and monitor plan goals

Lifecycle of a Minnesota Olmstead Plan Goal

Lifecycle of an Olmstead Plan Amendment goal 

What is the Minnesota Olmstead Plan Amendment process? (PDF)

What is the Minnesota Olmstead Plan Amendment process?

Who can comment on the proposed Plan Amendments?

  • People with disabilities
  • Family and friends of people with disabilities
  • Any Minnesotan who wants to help make sure people with disabilities live, learn, work and enjoy life, the same as people who do not have disabilities.

How can I comment?

To learn about ways to get involved, please subscribe to the monthly Minnesota Olmstead email newsletter: Subscribe now


If you have questions, please email

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