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2022 Olmstead Plan Amendment Public Comment

The Olmstead Plan is updated every year with new goals. Staff from 13 Subcabinet Agencies work together to propose new Plan goals based on the past year's results. The update is called a Plan Amendment.

Public comments are closed

The first round of public comment on Plan Amendments closed on March 10, 2022. Your comments were shared with the Olmstead Leadership Forum and the Olmstead Subcabinet. Changes have been made based on public comment.

Public comments on round two of Plan Amendments were open through April 21.

More information about Plan Amendments

The 2022 Olmstead Plan was accepted at the April Subcabinet Meeting. You can read the new plan at: 2022 Minnesota Olmstead Plan (PDF).

You can read the results of the first round of public comments in the Plan Amendments Survey at: 2022 Plan Amendments Public Comment Survey Results (PDF)

You can learn more about the proposed amendments below or in this PDF version: 2022 Olmstead Plan Amendments

 You can learn more about how Plan goals are updated here: How Do Olmstead Plan Goals Get Revised?

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