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Forms & Filing

eRecords and Appeals

OAH returns Administrative Law case records to agencies electronically instead of in paper form. Whether parties file electronically or continue to rely on paper, all contested case filings at OAH are now included in our eRecords system. OAH's Administrative Law division does not maintain paper files. As a result, official records are sent back to agencies in electronic form.

eRecords also make compliance with the appellate courts’ filing rules simple and quick. The record in contested cases appealed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals must be filed electronically.  To comply with this requirement, agencies can contractually agree to designate OAH as their agent and OAH will then file the record on the agency's behalf. If your agency would like to participate in this process, please review the Interagency Agreement, and contact Denise Collins at or 651-361-7875.

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