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Cyber Awareness Toolkit

Here's a list of some budget-friendly security tools you can use for prevention. If you need new security tools or if you're looking for an alternative to something you're already using, take a look at these below:

Configuration/Vulnerability Management Tools

  • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer - Great tool to confirm that your computer settings align with security best practices
  • SecuniaPSI - Powerful software to find security holes in your software before the bad guys do
  • ShieldsUp - A handy website to identify firewall configuration problems that can leave you exposed on the internet

Anti-malware Tools

  • Avira - Award winning antivirus program for people without a security budget
  • Spybot Search and Destroy - Award winning program to detect and remove spyware that antivirus often fails to detect
  • Spamfighter - A highly effective tool to catch spam before it catches you

Password Vault

  • KeePass - A simple and extremely secure tool to both organize and protect your passwords
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