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Evaluating Candidates

MNIT agency office teams review candidates based on the scoring criteria submitted on the ASAP-IT Online Request Form.  Teams typically include MNIT staff and agency business partners who are project stakeholders.

Evaluation Criteria

All evaluations have two parts: Pass/Fail for minimum required skills and Percentage for qualifications, other submission requirements, and cost.

Pass/Fail Evaluation

  • All proposed candidates must meet the mandatory minimum ASAP-IT program qualifications for the job category and/or role.
  • If additional technical skills are identified candidates must meet those minimum requirements.

Percentage Evaluation

  • Cost must be considered for at least 30% of the total percentage points.
  • MNIT teams may determine the amount to which qualifications beyond the minimum requirements contribute to the total percentage points.
    • Exceeding the minimum ASAP-IT program requirements for the job category
    • Exceeding the minimum for additional technical skills if identified
    • Meeting the desired skills if identified
  • If additional submission requirements were identified MNIT teams determine how much they will contribute to the percentage total.
  • The total percentage MUST equal 100%


  • All candidates must be available for in-person interviews, if requested.
  • The state reserves the right to adjust qualifications scores based on the interview
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5. Evaluating Candidates

Timeframe: The time it takes for you to review.

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