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ASAP-IT Request Form

Your next step is to fill out the ASAP-IT Online Request Form. A printable worksheet is provided to facilitate any offline preparation you may need prior to submitting the official ASAP-IT Online Request Form. Use the worksheet to gather and organize the information you will enter in the online form or to facilitate discussions about the project with business partners.

The ASAP-IT Online Request Form must be completed in one session. This form will not save if you leave this page before submitting.

Download the Worksheet.

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4. Complete Request

Timeframe: After the form is submitted, it typically takes 1-3 days to review and send to the vendor(s).

Please complete the form.

Information About Your Organization

Select your organization

Contact Information

Primary Contact

Identify the main contact for this project. This information will not be sent to vendors.

Business Contact

Identify the business contact who will work with this project. This information will not be sent to vendors.

Project Information

ASAP-IT will send this information to the vendors you choose to advertise with


Choose a Job Category and Vendor

The number of vendors and resumes you can request is determined by the dollar amount of your contract. No matter which option you choose, remember that you will ultimately hire only single candidate based on this request. Read through the following options and choose the best option for your request.

Contracts can be awarded for up to a one year period. The maximum contract amount is based on the maximum hourly rates and number of hours worked.

How to Evaluate Proposed Candidates

You can tailor evaluations to the specific needs of your project. You may add additional evaluation criteria in both the Pass/Fail component and the percentage component as outlined below.

Pass/Fail scoring is used to evaluate:

  • Mandatory minimum ASAP-IT program qualifications for the job category and role. (Required)
  • Minimum level for any additional optional technical skills.

Percentage scoring is used to evaluate:

  • Qualifications
    • That EXCEED the mandatory minimum ASAP-IT program qualifications for the job category and role. (Required)
    • That exceed the minimum level for any additional optional technical skill
    • That are optional desired skills
  • Optional submission requirements

Cost is evaluated at a minimum of 30% for state agencies (Required)

Identify Mandatory Minimum Skills

Candidates are scored Pass/Fail on the mandatory requirements. You can identify minimum levels for additional technical skills that will also be scored Pass/Fail. This is optional.

Scoring Percentages


IMPORTANT: The percentage range sliders above may not exceed 100%

Vendor Responses

Vendor responses will be sent to the IT Team Contact first, then forwarded to you.
Each proposal from a vendor will include:

  • A Cover Page with contact information for the vendor, and the name of the proposed candidate(s).
  • Resume(s) for the proposed candidates including:
    • Chronological list of work experience
    • Indication of whether they were an employee or consultant.
    • Hourly Rate
    • Minimum Standards Worksheet for Candidate
    • Affidavit of Non-collusion
    • Certification Regarding Lobbying
  • Cost Proposal with a separate attachment including the hourly rate for each proposed candidate.
  • Check with your MNIT contract manager to confirm the ASAP-IT posting requirements. They vary based on the dollar amount of your contract.

Submit Request

Before submitting the form, please check for accuracy. Make sure you’ve included all the required information needed to process your request. Please print or save a copy of this form for your records.

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