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For CPV & Other Government

The instructions on this page are for CPV members and other government organizations (including executive branch agencies that are NOT IT-Consolidated).

To get started, you will need to review the job categories and rates, choose a vendor, and set up funding using your organization's purchasing process. You will need to complete and submit the ASAP-IT Online Request Form to MNIT. As soon as MNIT receives the request, the following timeline begins:

  • 1-2 days: MNIT's contract manager reviews the request and sends it to the vendor.
  • 1-2 days: MNIT forwards candidate(s) resume(s) to you for review and selection.
  • You finalize the contract and work order with the necessary signatures.

If you have questions, please contact Mark Haselman in the Office of State Procurement (formerly Materials Management Division)  651-201-3049.

Follow These Steps

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1. Before You Start

You will need an authentication code to start your request.

If your organization is NOT listed, please contact us.

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2. Review Your Options

Review the job categories, roles, skill sets and rates to find a vendor with the options that best match the requirements for your request.

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3. Set up Funding

Please follow the normal purchasing process for your organization. You will likely need to know the job category, vendor, rates, total amount of the request, and a description of the project and work.

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4. Complete the Form

Complete and submit the ASAP-IT Online Request Form. A worksheet is available to help you gather information before filling out the online form.

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5. Evaluate Candidates

MNIT will receive resume(s) from the vendor(s) and forward them to you. You will need to contact the selected vendor directly to process your contract.

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6. Final Step

Within 30 days after the contract has ended, you must complete and submit a Contractor Evaluation to MNIT. This is a statutory requirement for all contracts over $25,000.

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