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Enterprise Architects

Enterprise Architecture is a management practice for aligning IT resources to improve business performance that helps agencies better execute their core missions. An Enterprise Architect crosses organizational boundaries and lays out a plan for transitioning from the current state to the desired future state. Architecture is a work in progress to achieve these goals. Just as enterprises are themselves hierarchically organized, so are the different views provided by each type of architecture.

Maximum Hourly Rate: $131.00 / hr.

Information to Remember:

  • Vendors may submit candidates with a lower hourly rate. Cost makes up 30% of the total score for proposed candidates.
  • You can only select a single candidate for each request, regardless of dollar amount and/or the number of vendors you advertise to.
  • The dollar amount of your contract will determine the number of vendors you are required to advertise to and the number of resumes you may request for review.
    • Contracts $100,000 or under:
      • Option A:  You must select only one vendor, and will receive one resume to review.
      • Option B:  You may select up to five vendors and request up to three resumes from each vendor.
    • Contracts over $100,000
      • Option C: You must advertise to a least five vendors. You may select up to three resumes from each vendor.

Minimum Program Requirements

The vendors shown below offer resources that meet these minimum requirements:

  • B.S. or B.A. Degree with two years of experience in an Enterprise Architect role, or a two-year Associate Degree with 7 years Enterprise Architect experience
  • Certification or degree program with focus on IT Architecture
  • Three engagements lasting more than six months in an Enterprise Architect role
  • Three engagements that the Enterprise Architect role exceeded $100,000
  • Two engagements involving segment architecture
  • Two engagements involving solution architecture

Vendors that offer Enterprise Architect candidates:

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