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Thomas A. Baden Jr.

Commissioner and Chief Information Officer

In 2015, Thomas Baden was appointed by Governor Mark Dayton to serve as Commissioner and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the State of Minnesota. With over three decades of experience in information technology, Commissioner Baden has served the state in both technical and leadership capacities.

Growing up in the rapidly changing technology landscape and learning on the fly, Commissioner Baden is known for his hands-on style, often diving into the details of complex state IT projects, providing direct feedback to many of the 2,200 IT staff that serve the State of Minnesota.

As a seasoned singer-guitarist, Commissioner Baden likens his vision and understanding of IT to that of the nuances of rock performance – each performer must be in sync with their instrument, just as each instrument must be in harmony with the rest of the band. It’s our job to ensure that the “performers” and “instruments” in our environment are playing in unison – helping to provide the essential services that Minnesotans rely upon.

A fourth generation Minnesotan and recent grandparent, Commissioner Baden strives to create a better Minnesota through technology - motivated not by the past, but by the possibility of what can be.

Photo Of Tom Baden
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