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Service information for FY 20/21.


MnGeo provides shared geospatial services that support the development, implementation and use of geospatial technology to a wide variety of stakeholders in Minnesota. Guided by state agencies, other government and non-government stakeholders, these geospatial services focus on the access to geospatial data and technology through providing access to enterprise licensing and web services that can be incorporated into applications and web browsers.

MnGeo provides access to four types of services: enterprise GIS licensing, geospatial data hosting, the Geospatial Commons, and web services. To use these services, customers can submit a service request or contact MnGeo at A service agreement is required prior to the service being provided.

Services and Rates

MnGeo administrates the state’s enterprise license agreement with Environmental Systems Research Institute. Agencies are provided access to core GIS desktop and server software and online subscription tools and services at a significantly reduced rate. Key representatives are identified at each participating agency that can assist GIS professionals and business users with access to the software and services. MnGeo also serves as the key access point for obtaining GIS support.

Minnesota Geospatial Commons

The Geospatial Commons provides a hosted environment for agency geospatial data and metadata and provides a common access point for agency customers to access their data. Having agency data in a single place significantly reduces time for users to find and obtain the data.

Web Services

MnGeo provides the following web services that agencies may obtain for use in applications, web pages. Technical documentation is available to agency customers:

  • Geocoding Service: MnGeo provides a secure "cascading" geocoding service for use in ArcGIS software and web applications. The service includes data layers for parcel points, address points, street centerlines, city centroids and 5 digit zip code centroids. The service is available only to State of Minnesota agencies for internal applications.
  • Bing Maps API: Access to the Bing Maps API can be requested by agencies. Each agency requesting access to the services is provided an “application key.” The API can be used for both internal and external websites. The Bing Maps APIs include map controls and services that you can use to incorporate Bing maps in applications and websites. In addition to interactive and static maps, the APIs provide access to other geospatial features such as geocoding, route and traffic data and spatial data sources that you can use to store and query data that has a spatial component, such as store locations. To learn more, see Getting Started with Bing Maps.

Geospatial Managed Hosting

Geospatial Managed Hosting is a cloud-based service that uses services and storage in the State of Minnesota’s enterprise data centers. This hosting service provides geospatial production, test, and development environments to deliver applications, data and services for customers. Requesting agencies may choose a shared or dedicated geospatial application hosting environment depending on their need.

Included in the service are: OS (operating system), geospatial software, professional services and underlying infrastructure support to assist application owners with configurations that meet application requirements.

Professional Services 

MnGeo offers a diverse set of GIS professional services to agency partners on a fee-for-service basis. MnGeo staff work closely with partners to define a suitable scope for the service, identify tasks and deliverables, create and refine a work plan and budget, execute and manage the defined effort to completion. All services are billed at monthly intervals.

Rates for Geospatial

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