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Software as a Service

Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the three main categories of cloud computing services provided by Minnesota IT Services (MNIT). Our SaaS services hosts data and applications which are made available via the Internet. 

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Application Development

Create and Manage. MNIT provides Application Development and Support to help our business partners create and manage custom solutions on the Salesforce and SharePoint platforms. We provide licensing, storage, hosting, and professional solutions so you can share your ideas.

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Provide Important Data. MnGeo provides shared geospatial services that support the development, implementation and use of geospatial technology in Minnesota. These geospatial services focus on the access to geospatial data and technology through providing access to enterprise licensing and web services that can be incorporated into applications and web browsers.

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Identity and Access Management

Share and Access. MNIT’s Identity Access Management (IAM) service provides user authentication and management services when accessing data via webpages. This service is commonly used to allow public service employees, the general public, and service providers, to connect with restricted state websites.

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Web Management

Create and Share. MNIT offers a range of Web Management services for our partners including website development, design, hosting, search, and support.

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