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Service information for FY 20/21.


Middleware programs manage communication between applications where needed, and provide the services that enable concurrency, transaction management, threading, and messaging between applications. Middleware sits between the operating system and applications on different servers and simplifies the development of applications that leverage services from other applications and databases.

Middleware services support includes installation, administration, backup configuration and recovery assistance, performance tuning of web servers and/or application server’s middleware instance(s). Services also include Middleware technical support, software license, annual software maintenance, routine software upgrades, maintenance, patching, service coordination, role based access security, product life cycle management, environment management, capacity management and 24x7support for the production middleware infrastructure.


  • Billing details: Dedicated Middleware services are billed monthly per middleware instance. Middleware Shared Application Hosting services are billed monthly by the application.
  • Middleware requirements definition: MNIT agency-based application development staff are responsible for defining Middleware requirements for the application.
  • Operational support: MNIT Enterprise Middleware staff are responsible for the design, build, configuration and all operational aspects of the Middleware software for the identified requirements.

Services and Rates

Dedicated Middleware Hosts

This service is for middleware Instances that fit one or more of these criteria: large, complex, high volume workloads or segregation is dictated by compliance requirements. It is available in Tier 1 and Tier 2 options. Note: Monthly server/VM charges (see Hosting) are not included in the Dedicated Host Middleware monthly instance charge.

Tier 1 represents complex Middleware instances (e.g., WebSphere, JBoss and WebLogic servers) which may have one or more of the following:

  • An application server to process complex business transactions
  • Advanced message queue systems (MQS) to mainly interchange asynchronous messages between applications
  • Enterprise service bus (ESB) to integrate services between multiple transaction systems to guarantee data consistency involved in the same business operation, such as database management systems.
  • Tier 1 Middleware instance rate includes:
    • Middleware software license and software installation
    • Implementation and design assistance
    • Middleware instance support: Administration, and ongoing support for deployments, administration tools, monitoring, maintenance and patching, service coordination, role-based access security, upgrades, backup configuration and recovery procedures
    • Shared platforms for Apache Web Request services
    • Annual software maintenance

Tier 2 represents a simple Middleware instance which consists of a stand-alone Web server (e.g., Industry examples are Apache webservers and IIS web servers.)

Middleware Shared Application Hosting

The shared middleware hosting environment is intended to provide a lower cost option for agency applications with simple middleware needs and light workloads. Hosting of Middleware instances for applications that fit all of the following criteria: small, simple, and low volume workloads.

Included in the Middleware Shared Hosting rate are the following services:

  • Middleware instance support
  • Middleware software license
  • Shared application host costs
  • Shared platforms for Apache Web Request services
  • Annual software maintenance

Rates for Middleware

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