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Service information for FY 20/21.


Database services provide hosting and support services to manage highly available and secure environments for agency databases. Standard database services include dedicated hosting for SQL and DB2, and shared hosting for Oracle and SQL.

Database support services include installation, administration, backup configuration and recovery processes, performance tuning, product life cycle management, environment management, monitoring, and capacity management of database instances. 24x7 technical support is available for production databases.

MNIT application management staff and data base administrators (DBAs) at partner agencies are responsible for the logical design and definition of the database, and the data content. MNIT enterprise DBA staff are responsible for the build and all operational aspects of the database environment, and for the physical administration of the database. These roles free MNIT staff at partner agencies to focus on the application and business issues.


  • Billing details: All services are billed at monthly intervals. Billing is based on either instance or database
  • Choosing the service: Customers should choose the service that meets the criteria for dedicated or shared hosting, and if there are specific requirements.

Services and Rates

All services include: physical database administration, monitoring, maintenance, patching, service coordination, implementation assistance, database security, upgrades, configuration of backups and recovery procedures.

Dedicated Database Hosting for SQL and DB2

Databases that are large, complex, have high volume workloads or compliance requirements which mandate database segregation will be hosted on dedicated servers/VMs. However, customers can choose to have dedicated servers/VMs for databases even if they fit the shared database hosting criteria.

When dedicated servers/VMs are employed, the following costs are not included in the instance/database rates:

  • Database license and software costs (one-time)
  • Dedicated Server/VM charges (monthly see Hosting)
  • Annual software maintenance

Instances and databases for Production are billed at Tier 1 rates; Non-production are billed at Tier 2 rates.

Shared Database Hosting for Oracle and SQL

The shared environment is intended to provide a lower cost option for customer applications with small databases and light workloads in a multi-tenant environment. Databases should fit all of the following criteria: small, simple, and low volume workloads. However, even though a database meets the criteria for shared hosting, customers may request a dedicated instance to meet business requirements.

The following costs are included in the database rates in Shared Hosting:

  • Database instance charges
  • Database license and software costs
  • Server/VM charges
    • Database storage costs are not included
  • Annual software maintenance

Professional Services

Support for databases not hosted in the Central Hosting environment will be billed at hourly rates in recurring monthly intervals for database professional services, including additional hours for on-call support if requested.

Rates for Database

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